Colored striped bowls

Righette collection

Multicolored glass stripes transparent and opaque with a satin finish.

Colorful Murano glass bowls

A rainbow of transparent and pastel colors with unique color combinations, shapes and textures.

Colored striped bowls
unique Murano glass

Discover our new collection: ‘Righette’ bowls. Made exclusively from Murano glass and produced entirely in the land of Venice, our bowls stand out for their unique design and choice of materials and finishes. Perfect as a centrepiece, fruit bowl or decorative object, they are available in various sizes and colors.

Our bowls are made entirely by the hands of Venetian artisans who create objects that are always unique, with ever-changing textures and shapes. They are created with multi-colored fused Murano glass stripes of different transparencies that create delicate light effects, always shining differently depending on the light they are exposed to.

The different color stripes, opaque and transparent, give the bowls a characteristic surface texture that confirms the craftsmanship. These bowls constitute a simple and functional work of art in glass that will immediately bring Venice into your home. They will become the star of any room thanks to their liveliness.

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Multicolor striped bowl – Small


Multicolor striped bowl – Medium


Colored glass stripes

The colored glass stripes

Did you know that glass is not always transparent?

These colored glass bowls are the perfect example of how glass can also be non-transparent, in fact thanks to the addition of particular oxides and pigments it is possible to obtain a cloudy glass, where it is not possible to see through, in all the desired colours. In these colorful striped bowls we exploit both types of glass, using transparent colors and pastel colors, which fused together create a game of alternating transparencies that will leave you speechless.