Multicolor glass plates

Damasco collection

Multicolor glass with unique patterns.

Murano glass colorful objects

Gold and platinum leaves, colored glass, murrine, avventurina and glass wires: inside every piece of Damasco collection there is an entire world of colors and patterns.

Multicolor glass objects

Colorful murrine

Damasco  is the object collection that follow the most the tradition of Murano glass working. In every piece we can find unique materials such as Murrine (the typical work of Murano island) combined with avventurina, gold and platinum leaves, glass grit and thin glass wires, all together creating a mix of elements that highlights the uniqueness of colors and pattern typical of this timeless objects collection.

Every Damasco object is defined by vivid colors with on top a unique design previously made using the traditional materials. Once we create the patterns we use them in the objects compositions which goes in the kiln in order for the patterns and colors to melt together in a single piece. Then finally the object is shaped in the kiln with a special handmade mold of your favorite design.

Damasco is the perfect choice for every environment, a triumph of colors that will stand out to the most watchful eyes that will immediately recognize its originality and provenience. It’s the color touch that in gloomy days give you an unexpected good mood. Mixed colors and patterns create loudness that turns into a true art piece made of glass.

Best sellers

Damasco R50


Damasco incense holder


Damasco L20


Colored glass stripes

Murrine definition

Do you know what Murrine are?

Murrine is a typical glass processing from Murano island that consist in creating many concentric layers of glass in different colors, at the end we obtain a glass cylinder which is melted and pulled from both ends while it is still hot, in this way the glass thins and lengthens, and the pattern created inside shrinks without changing. By doing this we get a very long glass rod, once cooled it can be cut into many small pieces that will become our Murrine, then used in the creation of the various objects.