Glass Mosaic

Dubai collection

Warm and cold colors.

Murano mosaic

Gold and platinum leaves mixed with colored and transparent murano glass creates an entire new color palette.

Classic glass plates

Venetian Mosaic

Dubai is our oldest objects collection. Plates, bowls, photo frames and many other objects made of Murano glass with a black glossy not transparent frame that wraps a shiny mosaic made of colored glass tiles. To make the mosaic we use gold and platinum leaves with a colored and transparent glass on top.

In this way we obtain different shades of shining colors and a wider chromatic range. Every square of the mosaic is entirely handmade and every little difference is to be considered part of the artesian process of glass crafting. Classic style complementary objects, chic and elegant, with a modern touch in the mosaic’s colors choice.

The Dubai objects are crafted in two versions: warm with colors like amethyst, gold and amber, and a cold version with colors like green, aquamarine and silver. Dubai is very versatile, it fit perfectly many different environments, from the kitchen to the living room to the office. The glass finish is gloss making it shine when exposed to light.

Best sellers

Dubai cold – Medium photo frame


Dubai warm incense holder


Dubai warm Clint45


Mosaic objects

What’s inside?

Gold and platinum tiles

The colors of Murano transparent glass placed over gold or platinum leaves create shining new colors that we use in the creation process of this mosaic pattern, which is different for every object.