Damasco L30


Damasco square plate, maxi – L30


Insurance included!

If something in your order arrive broken send us a picture and we will replace it or give you a refound.

Damasco square plate maxi L30 – Multicolor

Damasco is the collection that embodies the traditional Venetian glass processes, because all the main materials are used in it. In fact we find:

– Glass wires: produced thanks to a special kiln with a hole on the bottom. The melted glass come out from the hole and by pulling it we create this very thin glass wire that will be used in our works. This procedure must be done color by color;

– Gold and Platinum leaves: with always a different texture on top of it;

– Murrini: the classic work of Murano island;

– Avventurina: a special type of glass, created thanks to the use of copper powder;

– Glass grit: excess glass is crushed in order to create a very fine grit that is reused in our works, thus having the least possible impact on the environment.

Each piece is unique, so slight differences in shape / color / texture are to be considered as a proof of this uniqueness and craftsmanship of the product.

Measures (cm): 30×30

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Is there a certification for the Murano glass piece?

Of Course! We do provide a certification for each of our products, It’s all in the package!! 👌🏻

Is it made in Italy? Where are you based?

We only use glass from the Murano Island, we are based in Venice Italy and we proudly do our part in keeping alive the high quality of Made in Italy. ❤️🇮🇹

How many days to wait for my order?

We ship worldwide with DHL Express depends on where are you based, usually it takes 7 working days. 🚀

How do you pack? What if the piece arrive broken?

Don’t worry, we are used to pack!! We will wrap the piece with bubble wrap and if something goes wrong with the shipping we will replace the item (as much similar as we can), all we need is a picture of the broken piece. 🚑

What if I don’t like the piece, can I return?

Of course you can return the piece, you only have to send it back to our headquarter in Venice, the shipping costs for the returning package are on buyer. Once we receive the package we will proceed with the refund. 🚚